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Viva Orthodontics in New Westminster

Providing family orthodontic care for New Westminster and Burnaby, B.C.

Are you looking for a nicer smile or to improve the the form and function of your chewing and speaking? Perhaps you’re concerned about your child’s jaw development due to some misalignment of teeth? It’s best to start early with children to ensure the jaw develops properly and you can avoid problems later in life.

Dr. Jason Gallant is a certified specialist in orthodontics at Viva Orthodontics and provides comprehensive orthodontic care for families in Burnaby and New Westminster. Jason and our team of experts can help with such options including:

  • Retainers - can be used before or after braces to assist with proper gum and bone placement
  • Lingual Braces - braces placed on the back of the teeth.
  • All types of contemporary braces - clear or ceramic brackets are an option over the metal, to help disguise the braces. We use self legating braces including innovation, speed and damon braces. We also use “wild smiles” for the little ones that require early orthodontic intervention which come in fun shapes (heart or flower shaped braces)!
  • Invisalign and Invisalign Teen in Burnaby and New westminster - often a favourite choice due to it’s comfort and convenience. A removable clear plastic tray worn 20-22hrs per day.  Tooth movement and bite correction  is doctor prescribed, so as with braces your final result depends on your orthodontist's expertise.

Choosing one option can be a tough choice, so that’s where our team of Orthodontists come in. We will thoroughly assess your needs, wants, budgets and advise you on the appropriate treatment to suit you or your child's orthodontic needs. As everyone’s teeth are different we will customize a orthodontics plan just for you.

Clear communication throughout this process is extremely important. One of our main objectives is to discuss every detail of the treatment plan so you have clear expectations for every step along the way.

We specialize in providing outstanding knowledge and skill with the latest technology in the field of orthodontics. Using our 3D radiography and computer aided dental imaging you can rest assured your treatments will be effective and comfortable as possible.

We encourage you to give us a call today and enjoy your new smile soon.

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West Minster Staff

Dr. Gallant

West Minster Staff


Office Manager and Treatment Coordinator

You will be able to find Carly working at all of our Viva locations! Carly was born in New Westminster, B.C. Her favorite part about her job at Viva Orthodontics is meeting so many great people from all the different communities we have offices located in. She is likely one of the first people you'll meet. You will find Carly always chatting and interacting with patients and parents alike! Although she shows a true talent multitasking at work, outside the office you will most likely find Carly riding her bike, shopping or painting her nails. Just not all at the same time!

West Minster Staff


Correspondence Coordinator

Karen works at our New Westminster office. She was born and raised in Kelowna, B.C. Karen’s favorite part about working with Viva Orthodontics is getting to meet so many great families. Outside of work you will find Karen spending time with her family, travelling and just enjoying life!

West Minster Staff



Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Kristine works in our New Westminster and White Rock locations. She was born in Montreal. Kristine's favorite part about her job is adding fun colors to the patients braces, it makes her day! Kristine also says working with such a great great team at Viva Orthodontics makes it even better! Out side the office you will find Kristine cooking and baking new recipes! Kristine LOVES to eat! We love when she brings "healthy" treats to work!

West Minster Staff


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Jocelyn works in our New Westminster and White Rock office. Jocelyn was born in Kamloops, B.C. Jocelyn's favorite part about her job is helping people love their new smile! Outside the office you will find Jocelyn doing one of many favorite activities. Some of those activities would include: playing street hockey, jumping in mud puddles, at the beach, painting and reading.

West Minster Staff


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Caitlin works in our New Westminster and White Rock locations. She is from White Rock, B.C. Caitlin's favorite part about her job is seeing her patients’ reactions when she takes their braces off! Outside of work you will find Caitlin hanging out with friends and family. She is proud to have many of our patients as friends on Facebook!

West Minster Staff


Harp works at our New Westminster and White Rock locations! She was born and raised in Delta, B.C. Harp is such a joy to have in our office, we are so happy to have her back with the team following her maternity leave. She has found a nice balance between work and family life! When Harp is not in the office, she is in full parent mode with her husband in search of new play structures for their busy little boy!

West Minster Staff



Certified Dental Assistant

Amrita works with us in New Westminster and White Rock. She makes all of our patients smile...partly because she takes before and after pictures of your teeth, but mainly because of her great sense of humour! She loves seeing our patients at the end of their journey with beautiful smiles! Amrita uses some of the newest technology in orthodontics today with the 3D x-ray machine and the Invisalign scanner - which makes impressions a thing of the past!